My favourite E-file Bits & how I use them

  Hey you beautiful people! It’s nice to see you here again reading my latest blog post all about ‘my favourite e-file its’. As well as sharing the bits I love the most, I will also be telling you what I use them for and where you can purchase them. I also have some cheekyContinue reading “My favourite E-file Bits & how I use them”

Scratch Stars 2018 – I’m a FINALIST!

OK, so here I am. Four days later, deciding I want to document how utterly amazing my FIRST Live competition was. And boy it was intense. Let me take you back to the very beginning, way before I even entered. February 2018 I thought about entering the competition but wondered if I was good enoughContinue reading “Scratch Stars 2018 – I’m a FINALIST!”


P A S T E L. Β W A V E. Β  N A I L. Hey beautiful!!! So for today’s blog post I thought I would keep it short and sweet and share with you this idea that I had. The ‘wave’ nail. I think it looks so magical, delicate and BOMB.COM!! Like seriously –Continue reading “3D WAVE NAIL – DID I CREATE A NEW TREND??”