These beauties may just be the most amazing Mermaid glitter nails ever! Let’s just jump into it and say I have a lot ofย glitter. I f there is such a thing. I have ALWAYS LOVED glitter so becoming a nail technician and mua (makeup artist) on occasion it was the PERFECT way for me to add glitter on everything and everyone!


Products I used

Aurora pigment

Mermaid Tail glitter

Unicorn Film

Swarovski crystals

Clear acrylic (NSI)

Purple acrylic ( Tones)

Blue acrylic (miscellaneous)

Blue sky gel top coat


There is something about encapsulated glitter that makes me weak at the knees (yup, I just said that, weird I know) But if you were a TRUE Glitter addict , and I mean real hardcore glitter lover, then you know deal. ย This nail features encapsulated ‘mermaid tail‘ glitter from Glitterplanetuk and Swarovski crystals (because crystals and sparkles are LIFE).

Mermaid Tail
Mermaid Tail glitter from Glitter Planet, NSI Toally clear acrylic , Swarovski crystals.


You will be glad to know that I did actually include a full demo on how I create the encapsulated 3d flowers. I absolutely adore them. If done right 3d art can take a set of nails from drab to fab.




Now, let’s get onto this AMAZING MAGICAL pigment. Which by the way really is magic! It transforms any colour you apply the pigment over into an exquisite array of colour shifting shades that literally look like they were made by unicorns (for unicorns, obv). I applied the Aurora pigment over the top of a pale mint green (the same colour as the flower) on the little finger and the effect is STUNNING.

Aurora pigment over white gel polish available from Glitter Planet




I really hope you enjoyed this post, I am hoping to add more step by step looks and tutorials very soon. Please always remember, you are BOMB.COM, LIT AF, don’t ever let anyone tell you any different, because you’ve got this. I love ya. Mwah xoxo


Pastel Unicorn nails

Hey you *waves*, my name is Lorna (Ninja fairy), hopefully you’ll become a part of our evergrowing Ninja Fam! Welcome to my brand spanking NEW blog. Some of you may know I have set up blog pages in the past and never had time for them, you know what it’s like having wild ambitions and swamping yourself with too much work. If I’m honest the situation is still the same (laughs uncontrollably), but I have decided to just take the plunge and see where it goes. I absolutely LOVE writing and creating so I though I’d share it all here for the world to see ๐Ÿ™‚ I mean why the heck not.

So first up I’m sharing my ‘Pastel unicorn nail tutorial‘ because I wanted to start with something ‘EASY’ I guess. I need to try and figure out how to actually make content for my blog.

Screen Shot 2017-09-21 at 12.48.44
Glitter planet: Pre pinched square tips, mermaid dreams, rainbow light, unicorn film. NSI Nails: Clear acrylic, attraction monomer.

These two nails are my ABSOLUTE FAVE on this set. I’ll briefly let you know how it’s done but for the full demo feel free to visit my channel. After all of my nail prep (thats a whole new post in itself) I started by applying the pre pinched square tips from using NSI polybond nail glue, and shaping them into a baby coffin/ballerina nail. Next I used the pink film from the unicorn film collectionย (you get 7 colours) and sized it onto the nail. I cut out the film to the shape of the nail as best as I could, It’s better to be a bit smaller so the film can be encapsulated easily. Once you have the size of film you scrunch it up into a ball, this is how you create the crinkled cracked ice effect, and it’s so magical. Next You need to open out the film and using a wet bead of acrylic apply it to the nail. I decided to add some glitters to the side to add more interest and SPARKLE. Once you are happy with he placement, its time for you to encapsulate the nail in clear acrylic. File & buff and add your favourite topcoat. I always finish off a service with some nourishing cuticle oil, the one I use is NSI nurture oil.

Screen Shot 2017-09-21 at 12.48.26
Unicorn film , Rainbow lights glitter, Mermaid dreams glitter

Okay beauties, so I am going to leave this one here as there isn’t much more I can tell you. I will make sure to have better content in my future posts and hopefully you guys all love my blog.

Always remember, you are BOMB.COM, LIT AF and don’t ever let anyone tell you any different, you’ve got this. love ya. MWAH ! xoxo