Tips on Using Loose Glitter For Acrylic and Gel Nails

Hey you guys!! Ok so as most of you know I am the co owner of my AMAZING Nail Brand ‘Glitter planet’ it only feels fitting that this blog post is about *GLITTER* It is going to be a part of my education basics series where I teach you the basics on all things nails. If you do want to request a topic for me to focus on the let me know and I’ll be sure to visit it for you.

Lets start off by sharing the MAIN ways to apply loose glitter and then go into more detail for each one.

4 Ways to apply loose glitter:

  • As a loose glitter mixed (this means its not mixed with anything)
  • Pre mixed (this means the products is a glitter acrylic, glitter builder gel or glitter gel polish already to use and super convenient)
  • As individual pieces to create easy simple designs/Mosaic designs
  • Sugared on top of a nail to create texture

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Ok so loose glitter is the most versatile option here and when it comes to using glitter on nails you want to make sure that it’s Solvent resistant. This means that when its mixed or used with other products like Nail Mate Acrylic, Nail Mate Gel Polish or your fave regular Nail Polish the colour won’t be lifted away from the glitter due to the chemical compounds with the preferred medium.

Acrylic – If you are using it with Nail mate acrylic system you will need to pick up a clear bead of ‘crystal clear acrylic’ and dip it into your loose glitter. This will pick up some of the glitter and allow you to transfer it easily to the nails. Make sure to spread smoothly for an even finish that isn’t bulky. TOP TIP: if you feel like your pre mixed glitter acrylic since full coverage then I can recommend pairing it with Nail mate colour acrylic underneath to create a solid colour base beneath the glitter.

In this instagram TV video I show you how I apply Nail Mate Colour acrylic as a base to ‘Vintage Rose’ Loose glitter. The loose glitter was picked up using a bead of Nail Mate Crystal Clear Acrylic.

Gel Polish – If you are Using Glitter planet Loose Glitters with Nail Mate Gel Polish System you can simply dispense a small amount of base coat onto a mixing pallet and then add your glitter. Mix thoroughly until you have the desired consistency that will apply smooth and easy. You don’t want it to be clumpy and hard to spread. To create a sugared effect you will need to choose your preferred fine glitter, on your finished enhancement (before top coat) you want to apply Nail Mate Super Gloss Top coat, this is a no wipe gel top coat. Once applied (uncured) you want to take your chosen glitter and sprinkle It onto the nail making sure you cover the entire surface of the nail. Dang off the excess glitter and then cure in the light for 60 seconds. Once you bring this nail out of the light you can go ahead and dust of any excess glitter that wasn’t adhered to the gel top coat.


Pre mixed Acrylic – You want to start off by saturating your brush in monomer, then wipe the brush on the side of your Glitter Planet ‘THE DISH’ (Large crystal dappen dish’ Then you want to dip into your glitter acrylic and apply to the nail where you like until you achieve the desired effect. You can also create your own mixes by using Nail Mate crystal clear acrylic and Glitter Planet loose glitters.

Loose Glitter & Gel Polish – Lets delve into this a little further and in more detail. When using loose glitter and gel polish you really have to consider the type of glitter mix you are using. At Glitter Planet we have a HUGE Rage of fine and chunky glitters. If you are using a fine glitter mix this is super easy, you can mix in with Nail Mate base coat and apply like a glitter gel polish. You can also sprinkle the fine glitter over the gel and cure in place following with TWO top coats. To Use chunky glitters I will tip a few of the individual pieces out into a pallet or tray, apply Nail Mate Base coat over you colour/design where you want to apply the glitter. Then use a dotting tool or a fine brush with a little base coat on to help pick up the glitter pieces and place them individually onto the nail. You can get super crazy and creative with this technique by creating mosaic style nails and they look SUPER BLINGTASTIC. You would also double top coat over this with super gloss to ensure a smooth even finish.

Full Glitter nail application with Gel polish

Simple Directions for a FULL Glitter nail:

  1. Prep the nail plate for gel polish service
  2. Apply Base coat and cure 60secs
  3. apply colour coat and cure for 60 seconds
  4. apply base coat and cure (skip this step if your colour coat has a tacky layer)
  5. Using a fluffy nail art brush dab it into your glitter and pat onto the nail ensuring a full coverage. Burnish (rub) the glitter into the tacky layer of the gel polish
  6. remove excess glitter with a fluffy brush
  7. Top coat using Nail Mate Super Gloss & Cure for 60 seconds
  8. Buff the shine away and any bumps of glitter
  9. Remove the dust and top coat again curing for 60 seconds
  10. Allow to cool for 30 seconds and then apply Nail Mate Cuticle oil.


At Glitter Planet we also have a series of Biodegradable glitters which are made from plant cellulose. Please check them out here.

I really hope you guys enjoyed this blog post and I look forward to creating more for you. Don’t forget to leave a comment about what you thought, And request more topics for me to focus on. Always remember you are BOMB.COM, Lit AF! Don’t ever let anyone tell you any different!! YOU’VE GOT THIS! Mwah,

Lorna xoxo


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