Get the PERFECT Mermaid glitter Mani at HOME!

Hey you guys! Welcome back to another blog post!! Not everyone wants to ear LONG Nails! So lets create some cute glittery shorties (This one has been in the draft section for some time ๐Ÿ˜… might as well share it with you guys) Ok so normally I’m a ‘long’ nail girl. I usually have acrylicsContinue reading “Get the PERFECT Mermaid glitter Mani at HOME!”

My favourite E-file Bits & how I use them

  Hey you beautiful people! It’s nice to see you here again reading my latest blog post all about ‘my favourite e-file its’. As well as sharing the bits I love the most, I will also be telling you what I use them for and where you can purchase them. I also have some cheekyContinue reading “My favourite E-file Bits & how I use them”

Scratch Stars 2018 – I’m a FINALIST!

OK, so here I am. Four days later, deciding I want to document how utterly amazing my FIRST Live competition was. And boy it was intense. Let me take you back to the very beginning, way before I even entered. February 2018 I thought about entering the competition but wondered if I was good enoughContinue reading “Scratch Stars 2018 – I’m a FINALIST!”


P A S T E L. ย W A V E. ย  N A I L. Hey beautiful!!! So for today’s blog post I thought I would keep it short and sweet and share with you this idea that I had. The ‘wave’ nail. I think it looks so magical, delicate and BOMB.COM!! Like seriously –Continue reading “3D WAVE NAIL – DID I CREATE A NEW TREND??”