Beginner Nail Tech – Nail Prep 101

Ok so I often get asked to go back to basics and do some proper in depth biginner videos. If this is something you’ve been requesting or hoping for from me then you are in luck. because I just filmed the first 5 videos in my new beginner series. It’s a super relaxed filming format, after all I want you to feel like you are right here at my desk with me whilst I explain my tips, tricks techniques and educate you. Because you can never have to much information, and even if you are learning something you already know there might just be something that you find helpful.

First up – Nail Prep 101

A List of items you will need are available from :

  • Safe Scrub (uk shipping only)
  • Lint Free wipes
  • Cuticle pusher/orange wood stick
  • Cuticle Nippers
  • 180 grit nail files
  • buffing block / half moon buffer
  • cuticle stone
  • hoof stone pusher

If you are using an e-file I mention a few of my fave bits to use for prep, I share and demonstrate them in the FREE educational video along with explaining exactly what I use them for.

I just launched my BRAND NEW Cuticle oils over on the website in oil pens and 30ml desktop bottles – Keep your nails healthy, nourished and hydrated by applying regular. Applying cuticle oil can also have benefits to helping enhancements last longer. The oils keep the nail nourished and aid in keeping the nail surface flexible so that it doesn’t come brittle and break away/separate from the enhancement. You should definitely check out my new oil range and NEW Cherry πŸ’ Scent.

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Blue & Lilac Valentines Nails Inspo πŸ’™

Hey everyone welcome to my blog, in this edition I am sharing with you one of my most recent nail designs I created. I have the full video tutorial available now on my YouTube channel which I have linked for you below. In that video you will also see in the description box I have linked the products used if you want to check them out. I hope you love this set and enjoy seeing it come to life.

Sometimes we can get caught up creating the traditional red and pink valentines nails. And yes although I LOVE A traditional valentines set I wanted to step outside the box with this Blue and lilac set using the new glitter ‘Cold Heart; from Glitter Planet. I thought it would be super FUN to create and so far you are all absolutely loving it.

‘COLD HEART’ Loose Nail Art Glitter from Glitter Planet

Check out the Video on my YouTube Channel

Other Products used:

2022 Glitter Planet Valentines Loose Glitters

Thankyou so much for tuning in and reading this blog post πŸ™‚ I am hoping to be more consistent with them in 2022 πŸ’œ


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Stiletto Opal Acrylic nails

I was super inspired by some opal crystals I had in my collection and wanted to create a stunning set based around those. I wanted the set to be super long and adorned in stunning crystals and glitter designs. With soft muted tones and a little bit of sass!! You can shop the affordable mixed fallback crystals here: SHOP CRYSTALS

I have added the video here for you so you can check it our. I really hope you enjoy it! I LOVED Creating it and I loved sharing the tips snd design process with you ! If you also get a moment please LIKE & SHARE!!

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Pink Marble Nail Art using Acrylic and Loose Glitter

Hey Glitter Tribe Babe! Welcome back to another blog post on this step by step nail Art design using Nail Mate Acrylic and Glitter Planet Loose glitters. If you are new here my name is Lorna and I am a fully qualified Nail Tech teaching you all things nails πŸ’•πŸ’œ And my fave colour is PURPLE πŸ˜‰

What I am using (includes links):

I LOVE to practice and demo designs so I have a TON of the practice tips available on my nail desk. I use some ‘blue tack’ to tack on the nail tip to the stand, this makes it easy for me to hold whilst applying my design. For this design I am using the number 12 rainbow Aqua brush from Glitter Planet. It is 100% kolinsky nail brush. Glitter Planet also have a VEGAN Nail brush available called the ‘PURE BRUSH’Nail Mate Acrylic Core system is Vegan/Cruelty free and the Colour acrylics are Cruelty free 🐰

Once you are set up with your practice tip or your prepped nails (and clear base) you are ready to come In with ‘Candy pink’ duo marble powder. Work in medium beads to create the maximum marbled effect . if you try to work in one big bead the marbled effect will be less. Once you apply your first bead use the tip of your brush to gently ‘swirl’ the product. You don’t want to SMOOSH it all together and create one colour. You want to be able to see the difference and the definite marble effect. Continue the process with more beads, the amount of beads will depend on the size of nail you are working on.

The next step is to apply your GLITTER!! For this look I am using ‘frosting’ loose glitter from Glitter Planet. Use a small wet bead of Nail Mate crystal clear acrylic to pick up the glitter and apply it to the nail. Once you are happy with the glitter placement come in with Crystal Clear acrylic and cap the entire nail. Make sure the entire nail is capped so that the glitter is protected when you file.

Next it’s time to File the nail smooth and apply Super Gloss no wipe top coat for a SUPER GLOSSY High shine finish. The finished result is absolutely Super gorgeous and pretty.

Watch The Video Tutorial…

I really hope you enjoyed this short blog post. Please leave me a response and I will make sure to reply to you. Also if you have a design, topic or on trend look you want me to focus on then please leave that in a reply.

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