Starting off doing acrylic nails? Find out what you NEED in todays post.

Hey you guys! Welcome back to another blog post! So in todays post I am going to be sharing with you the MUST HAVE products for starting off doing nails. Obviously as a nail tech you will learn to love and hate different brands, and you will get a feel for which one is right for you so its always worth starting out with some trial kits before you break the bank on investing/ if you can’t buy trial kits then search for reviews and videos on YouTube, ask for advice from other techs and remember not all systems will suit everyone so watch multiple videos to help aid you choice.

♥ ACRYLIC Trial Kits ♥

Some trial kits you might want to try, please bare in mind that with some brands you must be qualified or studying in order to purchase or even view prices.

The Basics:

Although as a nail tech myself I must have over 1000+ products, you only actually need the basics to start off. But let me warn you now, you WILL become addicted. And you WILL buy a lot that you don’t need. But obviously you do really need it- SO BUY IT ALL, duh.

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You will need a hand file to prep your natural nail, this only needs to be a gentle etch of the nail so don’t be going HAM on your natural beauties. You’ll also use a hand file for shaping the nail tips and finish fining at the end once acrylic application has been finished. You will need sanitiser for obvious reasons, to ensure you are working clean. You want to make sure the nail is properly cleansed, this will also remove any excess oils from the nail plate to promote adhesion. My absolute faves are the 100/180 grit files from Glitter Planet™ and also the safe scrub nail prep as it has antibacterial properties- Also as a bonus you can use Code NINJA10 at the checkout for 5% off


At the minute my favourite forms are the ones from Nail Mate™ at, and I also LOVE the tips they supply. Glitter Planet have so many different options so depending on the look you are going for will depend on the type of tip you decide to go with. Most nail tips can be reshaped into your desired shape by using a hand file.


You will need nail primer, there are two available from my NEW System Nail Mate™ ( – Primers are a special formulation of chemicals which will alter the PH level of your natural nail state in order for the acrylic products to adhere correctly. If you don’t use a primer you will notice lifting – Also note you should AVOID getting any primer or any other chemicals on the skin – If you do then please please wash immediately otherwise it could lead to allergic reactions due to over exposure. I have seen this happen so many times and its so sad to see.

Pro Bond – Acid Nail Primer

Ultra Prime – Acid free Nail Primer


You’ll need an acrylic powder of choice, obviously if you choose clear its much more versatile because you can buy glitter for affordable prices at and apply it with your clear in order to have multiple colours on your nails, without having to buy a lot of coloured acrylics. My faves from Nail Mate are: Crystal Clear & if you want a nice cover powder I can highly recommend Perfect Pink.


You will need monomer, this is probably an obvious step because it is used with the Acrylic powder in order to create a chemical reaction to start the polymerisation process of products to ensure…. OK STOP – I have gone WAY TO FAR! HAH! So you just need the monomer for picking up your bead/powder, to then apply to the nail. You will not be able to do acrylic nails without this. It basically IS what forms THE NAIL. I can highly recommend the Nail Mate™ Premium adhesive monomer .


It’s important you find a brush you are happy with and that you can use to maximise your product control and over all application finish. I personally love to use a flat brush with a fat belly! They one I currently use is the #10 Nail Mate™ ‘Magic Stick’ its the most incredible brush I have ever used, it kinda has to be since I am the one who designed it 🙂

If you are new or a beginner into the nail world then I can highly recommend starting out with the Size #8 Magic Stick. This brush is designed to adapt to the way you work, so the more you use it the more you train the hairs to fall how you like them. The brushes all come pre crimped which gives them their flat precise shape, the ferrule is packed with the perfect amount of bristles to give the user 100% control with product application. No matter what brush you go with make sure it is high quality and also PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, make sure you clean it thoroughly throughout the application process, and afterwards to ensure there is no product left in the bristles – otherwise your brush will die *literally*.

♥ ♥ ♥

Ok so thats’s it, the MUTST HAVES for create a set of nails, or to start practicing. Hopefully I haven’t forgotten anything because that would be really annoying!! Good luck, and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel, I have NEW videos every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

“Always remember, you are BOMB.COM, LIT AF. Don’t ever let anyone tell you any different! You’ve got this. Mwah”

Lorna Andrews – Not your average nail tech x


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