Get the PERFECT Mermaid glitter Mani at HOME!

Hey you guys! Welcome back to another blog post!! Not everyone wants to ear LONG Nails! So lets create some cute glittery shorties (This one has been in the draft section for some time ๐Ÿ˜… might as well share it with you guys)

Ok so normally I’m a ‘long’ nail girl. I usually have acrylics on with EXTRA glitter. My channel is full of LONG NAIL tutorials, I know watching those video tutorials some of you guys must be thinking how the heck am I going to do that. So in todays blog post I have decided to go ahead and show you an easy mermaid inspired mani using regular nail varnish, which is PERFECT for summer and festival season!!

What you will need:

Ok let’s get started, if you need to then start off with a hand file just to even up the free edge of you natural nail. once you have done that dust off and bits and apply 2 coats of peel off base coat. I prefer to use peel off base coat with glitter polish designs as it makes removal so much easier. You can also use this brand under gel polish for ease of removal if you like to change your nail design a lot.

base coat
1.Peel off base coat

once your base coat has dried you can come in with a colour coat, I chose a deep purple blue for this mani, but this glitter looks stunning also over pale colours or even over a natural nail. With this dark colour I only applied 1 coat and whilst it was wet I went ahead and pressed my nail into the glitter pot. I find its the easiest way to apply loose glitter with the least spillage.

colour polish temptest
China Glaze – Temptest
Sugarplum glitter –

Once you have pressed the glitter into the wet nail polish make sure to pat it down flat so that there are no little bits sticking up, if there are littler bits sticking up even when you top coat they won’t smooth down, and having spiky nails is NOT COOL :p after you have let the colour coat dry a little make sure to dust off any excess glitter and then apply 2 coats of top coat. Making sure to let the nails dry between coats.

top coat
My fave topcoat – Seche Vite

My favourite Nail Polish top coat of all time is the Seche Vite fast dry top coat. This baby is not lying when it says fast dry, its incredible. I only apply 2 coats of top coat but you could apply 3 if you want a super glossy smooth finish.

final result

Once you have allowed your top coat to dry you have you completed colour shifting mermaid mani! How beautiful is she. The shift on this glitter is OUT OF THIS WORLD! I am in LOVE and I think you will be too!

I hope you enjoyed this weeks blog post.

Lorna Andrews. Not Your Average Nail Tech. x


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