HI GUYS!!! It’s me again! Lorna aka Ninja fairy, aka ninja nail fairy… aka aka nail fairy acrylics !! HAHA who even knows who I am anymore?? You can view the full video tutorial here for this set.

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Let’s get onto the blog post subject. Which by the way if you didn’t already know is these amazing spooktacular SUPER CREEPY, SUPER LONG, Frankenstein stapled skin nails! With EXTRA BLOOD. EEEEKKKK I know – So gross. But so SO cool. Like the ULTIMATE LEVEL of Halloween coolness right now.

For this look I am using the NEW collection of glitter from Glitter Planet UK. It’s their Limited Edition Haunted Holo collection.

Buy this collection here: Haunted Holo


For my first halloween set of the year I decided I wanted to do something on the slightly more gruesome side. However, I have to admit its gonna get a lot lot worse than this!! I did intend on doing 31 days of halloween, *rolls eyes* but I think you and I know that’s not going to happen. So instead I have opted to take part in the ‘do some Halloween nails whenever I find time halloween’. Hopefully that’s good enough.

So to start off with I used the Pre pinched stiletto tips from Glitter planet. Because they are BOMB.COM!

nail tips stiletto
Pre pinched stiletto tips


Once I had prepped my nails and applied a base of clear acrylic it was time for colour, Glitter and shaping. If you had’t realised this blog post is going to be quite sparse of actual step by step pictures. Because I’m still a Youtube addict and NEED to remember to take pictures throughout filming (I don’t want to take screen shots of my video as I hate Low res blurred pics sorry lol). I will slowly get there so please bare with me – This blog is gonna be LIT.


Once I have finished filing and shaping the nails, I go ahead and begin to add the acrylic and 3d work, this is ALL hand sculpted and built up. It’s super easy once you get the hang of it, and even if you don’t have a lot of coloured acrylics you can sculpt in clear, white or pink, and then use gel polish or acrylic paints to add your colour. When sculpting 3d work it really is all about practice and learning how to control your product well. The same way an oil painter knows how to control his\her paints. You need to master your materials and application so that you can be truly FREE to create whatever that tiny little head can imagine. And believe you me my head creates the most crazy out of this world ideas. I can’t wait to share it all!!

This is how it looks without the blood and staples
Here I have added the acrylic and Gel blood, but the staples are just clear acrylic before painting

So to wrap up this blog post I am going to say That I am pretty proud of how this set turned out. I am looking forward to finding some more time to bring you my crazy ideas. This ‘do some Halloween nails whenever I find time halloween’ is going pretty well so far. I hope you like the finished set. Don’t forget to check out my full tutorial: click here to watch.

Thankyou so much for reading. Please always remember, you are BOMB.COM, LIT AF and don’t ever let anyone tell you any different. You’ve got this, I love you. MWAH xoxo

Ninja Fairy xoxo



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