THE BEST NAIL TIPS YET?? Pre Pinched Nail Tips From Glitter Planet

Ok, so somehow It seems I have finally found some time to write a blog post amongst looking after two children and Bentley, (our dog, who is actually harder than the kids at times), taking care of our house, running two businesses, and just life in general (we all know life is just generally busy). So really, maybe I haven’t found any spare time at all. But I needed to do something that was Creative. And I guess you could say this was the only thing at 1am in the morning I thought would be acceptable *laughs*.

So lets get onto something I have wanted to share with you all for such a long time. If you follow me on my other social media accounts you have already seen theses beauties. And if you can fall in love with their magic then you can change the way you do nails forever. Yup it really is that good. Glitter Planet’s™ pre pinched tips are what I am talking about, but you probably already know this from looking at the title of this blog, which is probably why you are here in the first place.  They are supplied in stiletto and square shape and in bags of 500pcs, 10 sizes, 50pcs of each size. The colour they come in are clear to allow for versatility and for the artist to be able to have complete freedom with a truly blank canvas, without being restricted with a white or natural coloured tip, I personally only ever use Glitter planet’s™ clear tips for me and my clients. BUY THEM HERE: GLITTERPLANETUK.COM Also feel free to use my coupon code NINJA5 for 5% OFF ♥♥♥

pre pinched tips
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Glitter Planet’s™Extreme stiletto pre pinched tips are INSANE♥!! And when I say that I really mean it! They are the best tips I have used to create THE PERFECT tipped stiletto or coffin shape. THAT DOESN’T LOOK BULKY! Hallelujah ! ! We also have any

Now these tips aren’t like your standard every day nail tip, they are so much more than that, although they can sometimes need a little more precision upon application- The results are worth it (pics throughout). The reason being is because the pinch is super snatched and flawless so because of this naturally the tips are on the smaller side. You will need to size up accordingly if your nails are a little wider or flatter. And using Glitter planet’s™ Outer Space Stork Scissors you can tailor the tips to suit your nail bed shape. The aim is to not have to push down the tip to where it creates stress lines (white marks) or feel uncomfortable for the wearer, because let me tell you, that would NOT be good. And I know that from past experience where a tech has fitted regular tips too small and forced them on, my fingers ached so bad for days and days upon end. If you really want a super snatched ‘c’ curve but you think your nails are too wide and flat for the Extreme pre pinched stiletto tips, you’ll either know this because you’ve tried these tips and you can’t get them to work for you, or because you can tell just by looking at your nails (genius I know), don’t be disheartened, you can go ahead and try the regular PRE PINCHED STILETTO Tips, we actual was requested by so many of you to make the Nail tips ‘Wider’ and a larger fit so thats what we did. You can also try our Pre Pinched Square tips. You’ll have to scroll down a little to read about those ↓



Moving on to Glitter planet’s™ Pre pinched Square Tips as you can see from the pictures below they are IMMENSE! And super versatile. I like these equally as much as I do the Stiletto, but the square have SO many uses. you can create endless shapes from coffin, to oval to stiletto, to rounded. They just work absolutely perfect as an ‘all round’ salon nail tip, and I really like that. Glitter Planet’s Pre Pinched Square tips are more forgiving than the stiletto if you have naturally flat wide nail beds, and you will most definitely prefer these to stiletto tips. Here I have a video on how to Tailor the square tips into a short pointy baby stiletto here: How I Tailor Square Tips to a Baby Stiletto.

These tips, like the Stiletto, are crystal clear and super thin, this way they give the user complete freedom and also don’t add any bulk or thickness to the nails.


Absolutely. You can use three methods to cut your nail tips. First off the easiest way is to use tip cutters, however I don’t recommend this. The reason I don’t recommend using a tip cutter is because the blade is flat, so when you cut you will flatten the tip with the pressure of the blade and it will cause stress marks and possibly weak points in your tip, which then makes it difficult if you wanted to do a glass tip design. I have to admit I have used tip cutters before and most of the nails were fine, I only got stress marks on a couple, but use them at your own risk. Secondly, you can go ahead and use a hand file and simply file to your desired shape. Finally, you can use stork scissors. Stork scissors are specially designed with super thin blades to make cutting things super easy and precise. And look at how STUNNING the ‘outer space stork scissors’  are from Glitter Planet™. Once you have cut your shape/length refine with your hand file.

If you want to know more about these tips then I can suggest you join the Glitter Planet Facebook Nail Support group: CLICK HERE TO JOIN Before you request to join you must answer the 3 questions beforehand otherwise you will be refused. The group is an amazing friendly place where all its members are there to support each other with Glitter Planet products, and trouble shoot if someone is struggling. We are also all LOVERS of glitter. Join our Glitter Tribe now 🙂 I really hope you have enjoyed this post and it’s given you a little more info on the pre pinched tips available from Glitter Planet™. Thankyou so much for reading. Always remember you are BOMB.COM , LIT AF and don’t ever let anyone tell you any different ! You’ve got this! Love ya!

Ninja Fairy xoxo

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Here are some videos using the Pre Pinched tips


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