Hey beautiful … lets jump straight into this one and start by saying. YOU NEED TO GET SOME      .  . .     C O N F I D E N C E   (That’s not said to upset anyone, I promise).

I’m serious, most of the time taking a great picture comes down to having the confidence to be able to grab a hold of your clients hands, (gently of course), and move them to where you want them. The reason I know this is because when I first started out doing nails I would take pictures from literally 20 meters away with horrendous lighting, all because I never had the confidence to just move my clients hands into position. You need to keep checking through your camera lens or phone screen to make sure the positioning is EXACTLY where you want it. I checked the other day on my last ‘nail photoshoot’ …and I literally took pictures for 20minutes !! 20 FREAKING MINUTES!! But I sure as heck made sure I got the shot I wanted. And was my client annoyed or upset. Nope. Not one bit. She was just happy to have beautiful nails and a nail tech with passion. I am not saying you don’t have passion- I know you do, I am just saying maybe you need to find your CONFIDENCE. Stop being afraid. You are BOMB.COM, LIT AF and don’t ever let anyone tell you any different. You’ve got this, I know you do.

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Think about →

  • Image quality
  • Lighting
  • Camera angle
  • Background
  • Hand Pose
  • Close ups

*Backgrounds and props*

This can make or break the perfect pic. So really it’s most definitely something you need to be considering, especially if you run an Instagram account where you showcase your work. It’s important to have a consistent flow and a feel to your pictures, that they all in some way connect to one another. Consistency is key. I like to use a white fluffy background, and I chose white as it is neutral. So no matter what colour I create the nails it will always look right. The fluffy fabric I use is from my local fabric store and it was £5 a meter (such a bargain!!). You could also use glittery sheets of craft card or a marble chopping board. As far as props go tbh I tend not to use one, but if you are going to find something elegant and delicate that compliments your pictures. Something tasteful. And by tasteful I don’t mean a can of diet coke or a chocolate bar. Think more, crystal paper weights, and fluff ( You can’t beat a bit of fluff), or just don’t use one at all- Of course it’s all down to personal preference you can totally use what you want. but I am trying to help you improve the quality and portfolio of your work.



oh sweet nail lord please have mercy on those who have sinned (btw, joking for those to serious to take that as a joke lol). But, what is this? Where am I meant to be looking. Im’ pretty sure if I was a potential client this doesn’t scream beautiful elegant nails- GO BOOK IN NOW.

Its clear in the above↑ picture that the pose is a mess and also the lighting is bad (I’ve seen worse but I wanted to provide my own examples). We don’t need to be looking at all the skin or the palms of your client’s hands. Even if we were to crop this picture it’s difficult to get a good final image.

For the image below↓ it’s exactly the same pose but, the lighting is better. As you can see it doesn’t make much of a difference because there is no order, or placement of the fingers it just looks half hearted. I mean if you are going to do a set of nails that is BOMB.COM they at least deserve to be shown off to the fullest.


Ok. So as far as this pose goes it’s actually not that bad. And when I say that what I actually mean is, its pretty bad but with some slight adjustments it could be PHENOMENAL! The only thing wrong with this pose is that it needs to be showing LESS fingers and hands and be more focused on the nails.

1 cross bad light

Between these two ↑↓ pictures the only difference is lighting. Lighting makes a HUGE difference. But the right pose is CRITICAL for NAILing that shot (did you see what I did, haha).

cross hands good light

Try to remember that its not about the hands or the fingers. You are focusing on the STAR of the show and that is the nails. Make sure you get that confidence and just move your client’s hands into the position that you want. Move your desk lamp around, turn some lights on and off, move your phone to different angles. I promise you after doing it a couple of times you’ll have them doing yoga to get a good shot. Iv’e had my clients duck their hands under the table to get a shot of their nails that glow in the dark before. And I just swiftly quote to them ‘I may be a little crazy, but this is important to me’ and they are happy to do as I say. lol.


I really do find it so gutting if I don’t get the right shot or one that shows of the delicate details that just took me HOURS! I want to see that sparkle, I want to see that colour shift, chrome finish, crystals sparkling and Glitter glitzing and the POPPING. So you best believe I’m gonna NAIL that pic EVERY TIME! Although I will add – some client’s hands are just un workable lol, It’s impossible to get the shot you want. But don’t let it put you off like I have in the past (it makes me want to give up nails, that’s how serious I am. haha). Instead I have a solution, I suggest to take pictures of individual nails close up to show the fine details- problem solved. Kind of.

What do I use to take my photos??

I use the Samsung S8+ AND IT’S LITERALLY AMAZING 🙂




I use two lights from the Daylight company , and also another light which I can not remember where from. So I have 3 lamps on all at once because lighting is key. And I LOVE paying my electricity bill – haha.


Buy here approx £44.00
Buy here approx £77.00


If you don’t have money for an expensive light then you can always try the NAILFIE RING LIGHT from Glitter planet™, You just charge it up by USB and clip it to your phone. If I use this I charge it before each use to make sure its brightness is MAX. It has 3 brightness settings.


Glitter Planet™ USB NAILFIE RING LIGHT £8.50


I really hope this blog helps you out and hopefully has given you some things to think about when taking your next nail picture. I tried to put as many tips into this post as possible so that you can up your nail picture taking game. Thank you so much for reading. Don’t forget to share and also SUBSCRIBE to my youtube channel.

Please always remember you are BOMB.COM, LIT AF and don’t ever let anyone tell you any different. You’ve got this. Love ya.

Ninja fairy. xoxo


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